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UPG for this episode:

This episode’s UPG is: the Luoluopo people of China.

. The Luoluopo have a population of ,436,000 and of that number, 0.05% claim to be Christians. The Luoluopo are a sub-group of the Yi people cluster in China. Their name refers to the "tiger-dragon" in their own language, a creature which they fear and worship. The Luoluopo believe they descend from tigers.

were once a powerful people in the Southeastern region of China's Yunnan province. 

Important Prayer Points:

The LuoLuopo were once a powerful people in the Southeastern region of China's Yunnan province. Continental encroachment by Chinese settlers displaced them from the fertile areas in which they lived. Today the LuoLuopo have a generally low self-esteem about themselves. PRAY that they might find their true identity and worth in Jesus Christ.

PRAY for a Bible translation for the LuoLuopo both in written and audio form, that Christian radio and the Jesus film would reach them in a language that would speak to their hearts.

Although there are a handful of believers among the LuoLuopo as a result of Catholic missionary work a century ago, 98% of their tribe have never heard the Gospel. PRAY for a move of the Holy Spirit to open doors for evangelism in every community.


Every year, 4,000 LuoLuopo die without Christ, many of whom never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Let’s do something to change that!


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